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Registration must be paid upon receipt of

Compulsory presentation of an identity
document of the participating shooter when
receiving his bib.

FFBT 2024 license required for French shooter.

Foreigners: presentation of the shooting

Foreign shooters with an FFBT license will
not be classified in their FFBT category.

Respect the firing times.

Respect the decision of the referees.

Respect the places and the environment.

Respect for Clays Shooting staff.
Otherwise, exclusion from the stand
immediately, without notice.

Semi-automatic shotguns will be
exceptionally authorized for this Grand Prix.

Authorized cartridges:
from 7 to 9 only LEAD
Steel totally prohibited!

Categories or groups must be corrected no later than the Saturday evening of the competition.

Scores must be signed before leaving the shooting range; no claims will be accepted afterwards.

In the event of a tie, we will apply the system of countback from CS10 to CS1.

Except in the case of a tie for Scratch.

The prize table announced on the event sheet will be valid from 270 participants.

* If there are less than 270 shooters, we will withdraw 250 cartridges per winner in the groups, as well as a Beretta Silver Pigeon from the tombola.

* If there are less than 40 shooters in a group, the 1st prize (Beretta 694 Sporting B-fast) will be withdrawn.

Attendance is essential for the tombola. If you are absent, the prize will be drawn again.

No final, ranking based on 250 clays.